Special Issue CfP

Submissions are now open to our special issue on Tensions in Just Energy Transitions in the Journal of Applied Energy (Call details below).

As of January 10th the submission portal is open. This will stay open until May 10th 2024.  Articles will be reviewed and decided upon as an when they come in, meaning they can be published in the journal before the special issue is officially released. We encourage submissions from broad variety of disciplines within the social sciences, humanities and arts.

Here are a couple of pointers for those who attended in submitting:

  • Include a section on how your paper relates to tensions in energy transitions. This can be widely interpretable depending on the context of your paper but we hope submissions will at least capture or highlight a nuanced tension(s) within an energy transitions on some scale.
  • It would also be useful if you could draw out some of the themes included the call below which will be more widely circulated. Of course, if you feel your paper reflects a tension that is not necessarily listed in the call, please do not feel the need to shoehorn a specific framing or theme into your work. We will happily consider these submissions too.

We encourage you to get in contact with any questions or writing samples.

To make a submission: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/applied-energy

Please note to submit to the special issue be sure to select “VSI: Tensions in Transitions” when submitting. 


What are the tensions surrounding urgency, decision-making and the pursuit of justice in energy transitions? How do we choose between, reconcile, or apply competing theories of (energy) justice? How should we conceptualise and connect the conflicting priorities of Decolonial agendas, the Global South and Global North? And, importantly, how do these questions intersect?

Framing energy transitions in terms of the tensions they embody provides a means through which to illuminate the conflicts and competing agendas that may impede the broader pursuit of a fair or just transition. As approaches to energy justice diversify, it is ever more important that practitioners and researchers are able to navigate and make informed choice about their selection of energy justice frameworks between which many hidden tensions may lie. This special issue will bring together a range of disciplines to reframe, conceptualise, and find solutions to some of the core issues which currently curtail the formulation and effective application of energy justice agendas to accommodate and address these core questions. We encourage contributions focusing on (but not limited to) the individual, or a combination of, the themes below:

  • Conceptualising and navigating tensions between and within transition agendas, agreements, and priorities in the Global North and Global South (or contributions which problematise this framing).
  • Explorations of central differences and potential conflicts in the meaning of ‘energy justice’ between the Global North and Global South.
  • How philosophical notions of energy justice can be updated and operationalised to navigate conflicting claims of energy related injustice and inform energy decision-making.
  • Tools or heuristics to enable scholars and practitioners to make informed decisions on how to select or navigate competing energy justice framings.
  • Tensions between individual and collective responses to climate change and within energy transitions.